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  •       LXlogo is an interactive LOGO programming
    environment for K-12 educational use or just for fun.
    Easy to install with minimal system requirements:
    Linux/unix, X11, no other libs required

    LXlogo screen shot
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    LXlogo is a variant of the LOGO language. Logo is interesting because it gives students immediate graphical results with just a few commands or lines of code, and allows students to gradually become familiar with geometric concepts, and how to write programs and think procedurally. As students move beyond the beginning stages, they can move on to create fun animations and user interfaces.

    Most students today are very familiar with how to play video games and use applications, but have never experienced the thrill of having complete control over the computer like they can when they progam in a language like LXlogo.

    LXlogo features

    LXlogo works on just about any linux or unix platform that has X windows

    Easy to install... no library dependencies other than X11/xlib

    Download for free ... precompiled x86 binaries or build from source code (gcc required)

    Interactive turtle moving / drawing for beginners to get their toes wet

    Animation support

    GUI graphical user interface can be added to user programs

    Graphics can be printed (color PostScript)

    Graphics can be saved as GIF or SVG files for posting on web sites and other electronic uses

    Interactive development environment (using xedit)

    Engine mode (-f) for users who prefer their own text editor for developing code

    LXlogo is GPL available free from http://lxlogo.sourceforge.net. If it is found to be a useful teaching tool, you're asked to send nominal payment via this Paypal link.

    LXlogo became available in Spring of 2005. I wrote it because my 11 year old son enjoyed using a commercial Windows LOGO package at school, but there didn't seem to be any Linux LOGO packages around that I could get to do what I wanted on our home RedHat box. LOGO has been around for a long time, but there seems to be no published LOGO standard. So portions of LXlogo's language have been modified when compared with other existing LOGO systems.

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